artist FAQ


Why accurate color rendering?
Department of Transportation, State of California, requires this item as part of our
submittal package.
Do all color renderings have to be submitted for project approval?


Can artwork include more than paint (3D)?
No, approved paint only
Do the artists paint the entire column?

Yes 360 degrees ceiling to ground

Can I apply solo or as a team of artists?

Yes either way is acceptable.

Can I bring my own supplies?

Only if they are the same approved brand of paint. Can bring any brushes, aerosol caps,
or other other painting tools to assist you.

Can the artists submit more than one concept? Is there a limit?

Yes, three (3) per category culture.

What do you consider an experienced mural artist?
An artist who has painted at least five (5) prior private or public murals.
Who reviews the artwork selection?
Artist Curator Committee (ACC) which is made up of Sacramento Artists and curating advisers.


Is there a budget?

Yes.  Upon approval each artist / artist team will receive a $2,500 stipend.

Does the budget include supplies?

Yes.  Approved supplies will be provided.

Is the budget for both ‘color rendering’ & the ‘on-site production”?


Can I get my own sponsor?

Yes.  However, sponsors have limited request options.  Many options to condsider in overall process. 


Define, ‘Artist Heritage Challenge’ meaning of representation beyond pride & colors?

This is an opportunity to showcase information of subject(s) highlighting a culture or cultural contribution that is unknown, overlooked, misdirected or related to educating viewers appreciating your work looking for that message.

Is the project “MUSEUM” already approved?

No (officially, we submitted Preliminary Review Application to CalTrans).  Yes (officially endorsed by City of Sacramento, County of Sacramento, Visit Sacramento, supported from members of city council, local business districts & various community organizations. 

Sacramento Regional artists only?

Yes.  Preferred, however there will be/may be 20% open for ‘appointed/call for artist’ of non-Sacramento artists.

Where is Sacramento regional boundary listed?

(North) Yuba City, (South) Stockton, (East) Placerville, (West) Vacaville.  Think radius is about an hours drive from downtown Sacramento

Do all heritage cultures get represented?

We hope to have as many represented as we can in accordance to what is submitted, who is here in Sacramento and how many others get painted.

Can I create a mural if I'm not part of that cultural heritage?

Absolutely and encouraged with respect to your representation.

Do I have to have an art education to apply?

No.  Your mural concept needs written description of support.

Do I have to be an artist professional?

No.  Must have mural some experience.

Is there an ‘American Cultural’ section?

Yes.  America, California and Sacramento cultural can be represented

Is this a festival?

No, we will have opening and closing ceremonies.  Multiple events are planned once we are officially approved.

Are there future events?

Yes.  We have multiple phases of this project and other Mural Expressions Programs (Projects) happening this year.


How long is the overall application process?

1- 2 years

When does this project begin?

(TBD) To Be Determined – Desire 2019 Fall / 2020 Spring Season(s), however depends on final approval and sponsorship funding.

How long until notified?

(TBD) To Be Determined – Please stay connected to our website, social media.  Updates are often.

How long will my mural last if selected?

(TBD) To Be Determined – Please stay connected to our website, social media.  Updates are often.

Is there a completion timeline of column, block, museum?

(TBD) To Be Determined – Planning of museum in development with City of Sacramento.

Rights of Artist and Artwork

Why must I sign copyright even though I may not get selected?

Department of Transportation, State of California, requires this item as part of our
submitted package.

Upon mural completion, what does artists actually own?

Please read Department of Transportation Copyright waiver for full disclosure.  We understand Artist can earn from final artwork reproduction.  Artist will have permission to promote their art piece, make prints, on paper or items.