mural expressions STATEMENT:


Mural Expression’s​ focus is a commitment of capturing the ​‘Soul of the Art’​ as expressed in the ​‘Eye of the Public’​. Allowing an audience to see visual trueness for a deeper understanding of what is being created and delivered. ​‘Art with Significance’​, is in the foundation of everything with ​artistic creativeness, area surroundings, image messaging and technical results.​ From our neighborhood community events to our soon statewide acknowledgment ​Mural Expressions Programs (Projects)​ is motivated by the universal, all inclusive, artistic passion.


Our inspiration begins with our mission statement and is validated in our experience as ongoing professional working artists, art gallery operators, community event participants and meaningful project visionaries.

Event Participation

We support the various community events as creative vendors, booth size art gallery, mural expressions gallery or host an interactive area.  Offering paint sessions or witness a live painting production.

Artist Networking

We are for the artist!  We are artist first. When opportunities arise, we look out for you to be a part of what we’re doing. ARTners / Mural Expressions is a community of our commitment to our core self.

participating artists:

Artist who work or volunteer with ‘ARTners’ we appreciate you!  We continue to build our network of those who want to align and further build upon our non-profit mission purpose.


“WKi Sacramento Mural Gallery Tour” (14’-Current – 5 years)
Sacramento’s 1st mural gallery tour showing the importance of high impact messaging. These selected mural sizes are above 1000-2500 sf, located at schools and various other spots.  This 45 minute tour will take you all around Sacramento and is about 4 hours long.

“Not on the MAP in The Grid Mural Tour” (2016 – 1 season) This mural tour was highlight existing murals and to recognize the local artists.  Their completed mural productions are painted in the downtown area (the grid) before Sacramento’s 2016 instant mural appreciation movement began from our cities general population and now world wide viewing audience.

ARTners Nonprofit (501-C3) The identity of all that we are doing.  Operation of various artistic programs engaging youth through elderly. Some programs are mobile and/or may be in association with one of our business non-profit affiliations.  We host our creative events throughout the Sacramento region with community mural festivals, creative classes, events participation, etc.

ARTners Collaborative (16’-20’ – 4 years) reconnected into the downtown after a year of looking for the correct spot to host an reactivate on a site again.  We ended up at the 7th Street Exchange building and opened the ARTners Gallery for a year of operation in downtown Sacramento.  The combination of Yoga, Art and Studio space.

WKi2 Studio Gallery (14’-15’ – 1.5 years) Unknown the impact of our ARTners name we felt expanding the the WKI mural companies identity by adding a number 2.