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ARTners, endorsed by The City, County & Visit Sacramento, Business Districts, Various Communities, Artists and You! This unattractive daily parking lot areas are waiting for some creative curb appeal, 60 years in the making!!

Imagine this four block location between the WX, 20th to 24th Streets, with a 5000% visual beautification upgrade.  A new venue space with many possibilities and showcasing events!


This is your opportunity to invest as a sponsor and show Sacramento where your heart is!  Will you invest into our city’s California’s/Sacramento’s Art Attraction?  Be a part of funding one of our country’s largest cultural equality diversity projects, painted with meaningful images from the community & regional artists!

Your donation is tax deductible BUT today we are only requesting for your pledge of support.  Your pledge will show your commitment of future financial funding for the museum’s development.  We need your participation, we want to exhibit Sacramento Artists supported by Sacramento businesses.

During our pilot program phase columns are economically priced and may be funded from one or combined from resources, please inquire.

Please contact us via email here artnerscollaborative@gmail.com or please fill out form below and an ARTner’s manager will contact you for funding opportunities and/or a proposal presentation meeting.

We appreciate your interest and donations!

Thank you!





How do I apply to become a sponsor?

Submit contact through our website so we can schedule for a presentation meeting.

Is there a cost for the pillars?

Yes.  Columns will be open for anyone who wishes to support our project.

Who do I write the check to?
Can a group of businesses sponsor together?


Can sponsors choose their artist?

No. However an approved artist can bring you on as sponsor.

Interested in Becoming A Sponsor?

Please fill out the initial contact form below

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