ANNOUNCEMENT (9/1/20): WXM Museum Update & Progress

Welcome Sponsors of Interest! If you’re reading this, we sincerely Thank You in advance and look forward to meeting you. 

ARTners has been digitally working on creating an interest in this visionary project with the city of Sacramento, various communities and possible fiscal project supporters.

 As in our WX Campaign Page, it is all there from our level of input. We need deeper interest, these unattractive daily parking lot areas are waiting for some creative curb appeal, 60 years in the making!!

Imagine this four block location between the WX, 20th to 24th Streets, with a 5000% visual beautification upgrade.  A new venue space with many possibilities and showcasing events!

This is your opportunity to learn more for a possible investment as a sponsor and show Sacramento where your heart is!  Once in motion this will be our city’s California’s/Sacramento’s Art Attraction?  One of our country’s largest cultural equality diversity projects, painted with meaningful images from the community & regional artists! 

Please contact us via email, let’s set an appointment to hear our proposal in person.

 We appreciate your interest and future donations! 

Thank you! 

ARTners Nonprofit – EIN# 83-3599660


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