• The WXM Community Connectors are a separate creative program. Participating and creating on any community connector model replicas, does not guarantee any artist acceptance for the WX Mural Museum.  An additional artist call for the WX Mural Museum many phases of production phases will be clearly announced at a later date.



These are designed to be what they are. Items to connect the community.


What are the Community Connectors models?

They are 3D printed 15” tall model replicas of the WX freeway structural columns.


What are the WXM Community Connectors?

They are an intimate unifying product that directly relates to the larger WX Mural Museum. 


Why are they invented?

They are designed to reach the greater Sacramento audience of project appreciators. They’re able to bond our city’s energetic interests with this unique project and our uniquely shaped structural commonality.  


Who are the champions:

They are the participating artists that have donated to the WXM Mural Museum by submitting their creative works to be auctioned for our fundraising obligations. Soon to add to the artists champions list are the future owners of the 3D models.


Benefits A:

So often when an area changes, the public is only a spectators watching and waiting for the final result to be completed. The WXM Community Connector models allow the general public to be connected. There are multiple opportunities for public participants, professional artists, and students of all ages to create their own connector image.


Benefits B:

As this move forward, owners of the Community Connectors shall also claim to the WXM development and existence. Supporters can purchase one of the completed 3D models from one of our fundraisers or purchase a blank column for their own story to be created.



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