Mural Expressions is a mural art program that engages with the community.  We assist communities to creatively express in an ‘ARTnership’ by participating in painting or viewing a mural production in full development.  This program is designed for community groups that showcase supportive and relatable mural art.


In 2017, the ARTners Collaborative was accepted into Sacramento’s Wide Open Walls Mural Festival.  In conceptual design and mural production, Mural Expressions was conceived, as a result of our ideology of what murals are and why we produce them.  “HUMANITY” was the only community focused social awareness project during that festival. “Our process foundation is in the organics, from inception to final results,’‘ states co-founder Wes Kos Images.


Our objective is to represent a visual expression!  Achieved by the participating community ARTners or by witnessing production form our creative professionals, our goal is to capture the messaging of the community or event theme.

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HUMANITY documentary

Please take a listen of our mural production that we painted for you & for Sacramento. This team, this project & this experience was one of the ARTners influences to our Mural Expressions 'cultural equality' expansion &...

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