Mural Expressions is a mural art program within the ARTners nonprofit, that engages with the community, often working with various non-profit organizations in our ‘ARTnership’.  Meeting both objectives, the core focus of the communities event with a showcase opportunity viewing supportive and relatable mural art.

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Mural Expression’s​ focus is a commitment of capturing the ​‘Soul of the Art’​ as expressed in the ​‘Eye of the Public’​. Allowing an audience to see visual trueness for a deeper understanding of what is being created and delivered. ​‘Art with Messaging and Significance’​, is in our foundation with ​artistic creativity, area surroundings, image messaging and technical results.​ Neighborhood community events to our Sacramento City and State of California approved WX ​Mural Museum (WXM), we are motivated by the universal, all inclusive, artistic passion!


Mural Expressions (WesKosImages) began as the mural extension team of ARTners Nonprofit  as festival participants for multiple events in 2017. Our result inspired ARTners to develop our own mural program, “Mural Expressions’ ‘. Various platforms and events to highlight our ideology of what murals ARE and WHY we produce them.

The “HUMANITY” mural production, along with “HUMANITY and the mural”, documentary film, from Joha Harrison, is our ARTners Nonprofit / Mural Expressions  contribution & donation to Sacramento, one city block & 45 minute film long.

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New ARTnership with PlugnPlay 3D – Eric Archuleta

New ARTnership with PlugnPlay 3D – Eric Archuleta

Mural Expressions/ARTners has yet taken another step closer and created the WXM Community Connectors table top model, as ARTners has formed an ARTnership with Industrial Engineering CAD Designer, Eric Archuleta of Plugnplay3D.com located in Old Sacramento. Eric is an...

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The COVID-19 Experience

A year in the making, a year of life's experience, we now have our virtual art exhibit on our website and social media.  Seventeen local artist shared their 2020 COVID-19/Civil Rights Experience in their artwork and expressed their stories. We would like to thank all...

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