MURAL EXPRESSIONS is a 501(c)(3), our mission focus is a commitment of capturing the ‘Soul of the Art’ as expressed in the ‘Eye of the Public’. Allowing an audience to see visual trueness for a deeper understanding of what is being created and delivered. Art with Significance, is in the foundation of everything with artistic creativeness, area surroundings, image messaging and technical results. From our intimate community settings to statewide acknowledgment Mural Expressions is motivated by the all inclusive artistic passion.


Our project (naming TBD) will represent our city’s diversity in a way we should all be, Equally Represented | Together Unified | Strength as One to move us onto and into the next level.


Sacramento based non profit ARTners 501(c)(3) is working closely with The City of Sacramento in building a 120,000 sq ft “Open Air Museum”, phase I of IV. The proposed museum is located between 20th through 24th streets under the WX freeway. We are transforming the structural support columns/piers by painting creative murals 25’ high 360° ceiling to ground, 24 columns/piers per block.  We are activating and enhancing an underutilized area for daytime daily parking and occasional weekend vending events.

Beginning, Fall 2019, we are starting with a one block Mural Expressions pilot program. Each year following we are projecting to complete an additional block until the museums completion.  Upon the completion of this Open Air Museum transformed into a new California/Sacramento Art Attraction, attendees can surround themselves in an art world of imagery giants with free access of mural art appreciation (365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

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