Welcome to (ARTners) Mural Expressions Programs (Projects) site.  ARTners is a Sacramento based 501(c)(3) non-profit (in process).  (ARTners) Mural ExpressionsPrograms (Projects) host creative events and partners with other community and non-profit organizations with participating in support of the communities well being. 


Mural Expression’s​ focus is a commitment of capturing the ​‘Soul of the Art’​ as expressed in the ​‘Eye of the Public’​. Allowing an audience to see visual trueness for a deeper understanding of what is being created and delivered. ​‘Art with Significance’​, is in the foundation of everything with ​artistic creativeness, area surroundings, image messaging and technical results.​ From our neighborhood community events to our soon statewide acknowledgment ​Mural Expressions Programs (Projects)​ is motivated by the universal, all inclusive, artistic passion.


Our Mural Expressions Program (Project) was unintentionally developed in real world action as a creative team in painting production of “HUMANITY” a 280’x11′ social messaging mural. ARTners founders, professional mural artists 97’ with an existing Sacramento Mural Tour 14’ and also as art gallery operators 14’, they were interested in expanding their community action resources.

The trifecta occurred; (1)Our downtown gallery lease ended (2)We relocated to Sacramento South, partnered with non-profit MAHFSA (3)Opening opportunities to host two neighborhood community fundraising Mural ExpressionsPrograms (Projects). Connecting some Sacramento overlooked artists challenging them to find their inspiration painting murals to our festivals theme. Reaffirmed how ‘expressions of acceptableness’, was the core constant, how their work was received, recognized and a community exhibited highly visible, area relatable cultural equitable imagery.

Large, extreme or intimate creative settings; we continue to inspire the inner connection of Artist to Surface, Opportunities, Uniqueness & Love. Keep in touch to participate and/or to appreciate.



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