Mural Expressions is a mural art program that engages with the community, often working with various non-profit organizations in our ‘ARTnership’.  Meeting both objectives, the core focus of the communities event with a showcase opportunity viewing supportive and relatable mural art


In a city wide art festival, Mural Expressions was conceived, in 2017 in the Improv Alley, as a festival result, our ideology was formed of what murals ARE and WHY we produce them.  “HUMANITY” mural production was our contribution to our cities mural landscape.


Our objective is to represent a visual expression!  Our goal is to capture the ‘core message’ with beautiful, meaningful and unforgettable imagery!  Achieved as an ARTners or by witnessing one of our creative professional friends…

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ARTners @ The ARTMIX

On Thursday February 13th, 2020, ARTners and Friends took over the Crocker's Art Museum main courtyard to 'live paint' festive murals for their monthly ARTmix Event. Our theme of the evening was Mardi Gras 'The Big Easy' The artists in live painting action that...

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Mural Expressions Podcasting Starts today!!

Mural Expressions Podcasting Starts today!!

Mural Expressions along with have started our podcasting today.  This podcasting series will focus on Murals.  There will be categories such as mural styles, mural history, mural artists, mural appreciators, mural suppliers and interviews with artists, and...

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