(Part 1) – This year 2022 ARTners, is honored to request our “WX Mural Museum” community representaion outdoor project as our fundraiser objective for the Big Day of Giving (BDOG).  Approved by the City of Sacramento and State of California (CalTrans) on December 10, 2021.  Creating Sacramento’s Mural Center of “knowing Sacramento” through visual arts in a land of mural giants.

(Part 2) – The “WX Mural Museum” is projected to cost 1.6 million to date ARTners nonprofit will receive zero dollars ($0.00) from the City of Sacramento and/or The State of California (CalTrans) to create our visionary community project. Everyday is a fundraising day!

The benefits are many, there is the depictation of diversity and inclusion representation. The community engagement of artistry from local and California based professionals. Our connection to the unquiness of the central located all assessable outdoor viewing experince. The beautificaion of easing a divide of a structual wall with murals. Reclaiming a space and becoming an inviting appreciated safer place. All pillars will be maintained to protect the integrity of the provided work and the museum. All artists will receive the same amount per pillar. Your donations go to the following areas per pillar:

This is an estimated and projected breakdown of percentages of expenses per pillar:

Management =  32.4%
Equipment = 2.5%
Supplies = 3.9%
Maintenance Fee = 2.45%
Artist Stipend = 53.5%

Operational = 5.25%

For the Big Day of Giving you can donate here:  WX Mural Museum Fundraiser | GivingEdge (bigdayofgiving.org)

Our first overview meeting via Zoom will be on May 2, 2022, at 11:00 a.m.  You can find out how to support the project, apply as an artist, and donate to the museum. All WX Mural Museum.  This is 1 of many meetings.  Zoom meetings will be recorded and put on this website and Mural Expressions Facebook page for future reviewing. You can join us for this zoom meeting by clicking on the link below:

Launch Meeting – Zoom

ARTners appreciates all of the support that we receive and ever dollar that is donated.

Sincere Thank you,


Teresa Gutierrez

Markos Egure