Before you review the video, we would first like to thank our technical team for their collaboration and hard work on putting the video together.

So What’s Your Story Sacramento? This video represents a proposal that the ARTners nonprofit is currently working on with the City of Sacramento.  Our vision is to create an outdoor mural center, painted by Sacramento Artists, telling our stories, showing our history, reflecting our diversity in this city, and preserving Sacramento as we the community know it!  This outdoor mural center will be a hit in Sacramento!!!   “The Land of Many Stories” brings many possibilities!! Possible venues such as festivals, car shows, photo shoots, filming, concerts, Sacramento Antique Faire, Farmers Market, Jazz festival, children’s field trips, health fair, Sacramento History Day, Art shows and the ideas are endless. This is something you want to be a part of, whether you volunteer, donate or create a pillar as a participating artist. To donate you can go to our GoFundMe page located on the blog page. You can also pledge money, by going to our sponsor page.  We are now accepting testimonials on our sponsor page as well.  Tell us your story or tell us what you think about this project and what it brings to Sacramento!  We appreciate all the support from the community!! Thank you Sacramento and Sacramento ARTists!